Here I would like to share some notes that I learned from a candidate several days before.

She graduated from Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology with bachelor degree on automation.

In less than 4 years of working on testing she had deep understanding about testing and about Android system in a short time.

She had formed the habit of thinking about daily work, and accumulated many testing skills. She can also summarize and share them among team to help co-workers.

She was keen in learning new things, in different functionality areas. She was really familiar with many features.

She also mentioned deep knowledge with SW and HW watchdog, learned from notes by developers in issue system.
She can do basic analysis on force close, ANR, and can analyze logs.
She was used to track issue root cause, and can do many exploratory testing.

On how to find more issues, she would test stability in the early stage, test basic functions when most features were delivered, and at the later stage, she would surf online user forums, fans website, to track what users kept complaining about.

She commands the best English among candidates we ever met.

Although lacking of experience on risk analysis, we think her as potential on that.

Although it’s hard to judge her future performance, she really impressed us all very much during an extra-long session of face to face interviewing.

As for why she can be better than other candidates, we all agree that attitude matters.