If you aliased mv and cp, and would use “-f” with them, the behavior for them are different.

$ alias mv

alias mv=’mv -i’

$ alias cp

alias cp=’cp -i -R -P –preserve=all’

GNU coreutils 8.5

$ man cp

       -f, –force              if an existing destination file cannot be opened, remove it and try again (redundant if the -n option is used)

        -i, –interactive              prompt before overwrite (overrides a previous -n option)

        -n, –no-clobber              do not overwrite an existing file (overrides a previous -i option)

$ man mv

       -f, –force              do not prompt before overwriting

       -i, –interactive              prompt before overwrite

       -n, –no-clobber              do not overwrite an existing file

       If you specify more than one of -i, -f, -n, only the final one takes effect.