Jean de Florette

In Chinese:

原著作者自己1952年拍过,名字是Manon des sources 甘泉玛侬:

Claude Berri (1 July 1934 – 12 January 2009), born Claude Berel Langmann, was one of the great all-rounders of French cinema: an actor, writer, producer, director and distributor. “Out of my failure as an actor was born my desire to direct. Then my relative failure as a director forced me to become a producer. In order to get my films shown, I became a distributor. One had to eat, that’s all!”


A review:
“nobody up there..” 是驼背朝天吼的那句话~~~老天你瞎眼了么??

The actress of that little girl only appeared in this movie:


Elisabeth Depardieu as Aimee Cadoret: Jean’s beautiful wife is a former opera singer, who has named her daughter after her favorite role, Manon Lescaut.
Aimee was played by Gérard Depardieu’s real-life wife, Elisabeth.

那个侄子,因此电影获得当年 法国电影凯撒奖影帝