The 1991 movie, rip sub,

Honey, hit me up with some sugar.

  • Ma’am?
  • Yes, I’ll be right with you.

Here you go. You’ve got the sausage.
And eggs for you.

  • Decaf or regular?
  • Regular, please.

You girls are kind of young
to be smoking.

It ruins your sex drive.

I’ll get it!

I got it!

How you doing, housewife? Packed?
We’re out of here tonight.
I still have to ask
Darryl if I can go.
You mean you haven’t asked him yet?
Thelma, for chrissake.
Is he your husband or your father?
It is just two days, for God’s sake.
Don’t be a child.
Tell him you’re going with me.
Say I’m having a nervous breakdown.
That don’t carry much weight.
He already thinks you’re crazy.
Are you at work?
- No, I’m at the Playboy Mansion.

  • Call you back.
    Darryl! Honey, better hurry up!
    Goddamn it, Thelma.
    Don’t holler like that.
    I told you I can’t stand
    your hollering in the morning.
    I’m sorry, doll.
    I just didn’t want you to be late.
    Thank you.
  • Hon.
  • What?
    Have a good day at work.
    Thank you, no.
  • Hon.
  • What?
    Want anything special for dinner?
    I don’t give a shit
    what we have for dinner.
    I may not make it home for dinner.
    You know how Fridays are.
    Yeah, funny how so many people want
    to buy a carpet on a Friday night.
    You’d think they’d want to forget
    about it for the weekend.
    Well, then, it’s a good thing
    you’re not regional manager…
    …and I am.
    For chrissake, I gotta get
    the hell out of here.
    Goddamn it, Homer.
    Christ, I gotta get to work.
    Don’t need this shit in the morning.
    Just leave them. I’ll get them.
    Thank you.
    I want you out of here by five.
    No, three. Get out of here
    by three today.
  • Good morning.
    - Morning. Is Louise there?
    Why, yes, she is. Is this Thelma?
  • When you gonna run away with me?
  • No.
    She’s going with me.
    What’d he say?
  • What time are you picking me up?
    - I’ll be there around two or three.
    Okay. Say, what kind of stuff
    do I bring?
    I don’t know. Warm stuff, I guess.
    The mountains get cold at night.
    I’ll bring everything.
    Okay. I will too, then.
    - Steal Darryl’s fishing stuff.
  • I don’t know how to fish.
    Neither do I, but Darryl does it.
    How hard can it be? See you in a bit.
    Okay. All right, bye.
    Hi, this is Jimmy.
    I’m not here right now.
  • Hey.
  • Hey.
    No, we don’t need the lantern.
    The place has electricity.
  • I wanna take it, just in case.
  • In case of what?
    In case there’s some escaped
    psycho killer on the loose…
    …who cuts the electricity off
    and tries to kill us.
    Sure, Thelma. Well, then,
    that lantern will come in real handy.
    Maybe we should tow your car behind,
    in case he steals the spark plugs.
    We’d have to. That thing
    barely makes it down the driveway.
  • Everything in?
  • Yeah.
    Here you go. Ah, be careful!
    See you later!
    Sit down.
    Oh, Louise.
  • Will you take care of this gun?
  • Why did you bring that?
    Oh, come on.
    Psycho killers, bears or snakes.
    I don’t know how to use it.
    Put it away.
    Here, put it in my purse.
    Thelma, good Lord.
    So, whose place is this again?
    It’s Bob’s, the day manager’s.
    He’s getting a divorce.
    He’s letting all his friends use it…
    …till he turns over the keys.
    I’ve never been out of town
    without Darryl.
    How come Darryl let you go?
  • Because I didn’t ask him.
  • Shit, Thelma.
  • He’s gonna kill you!
  • Well, he’d never let me go.
    Never lets me do one goddamn
    thing that’s any fun.
    Only wants me to hang around the house
    while he’s out doing God knows what.
    Well, you get what you settle for.
    I left him a note.
    I left him stuff to microwave.
  • Thelma.
  • What?
    What are you doing?
    Hey, I’m Louise.
    Can’t we just stop
    somewhere for a minute?
    We won’t get to the cabin
    until after dark as it is.
    Then, what difference would it make?
    Come on, I never get to do
    stuff like this.
    Okay. But it’s gonna be a quick stop.
  • Haven’t seen this since I left Texas.
  • Isn’t this fun?
  • Y’all want a drink?
  • No, thanks.
    I’ll have a Wild Turkey, straight up,
    and a Coke back, please.
    Tell me, is this my vacation
    or isn’t it?
    I mean, God, you’re as bad as Darryl.
    I’m sorry. I’m not used
    to seeing you this way.
    I haven’t seen you this way
    in a while. You’re usually so sedate.
    Well, I’ve had it up to my ass
    with sedate.
    You said we’d get out of town
    and really let our hair down.
    Look out, because my hair
    is coming down.
    All right. I changed my mind.
    I’m gonna have a margarita
    and a shot of Cuervo on the side.
    All right!
    What’s a couple of kewpie dolls
    like you doing in a place like this?
  • We wanted to have some fun…
  • Minding our own business.
    Louise is mad at her boyfriend…
    We wanted something to eat.
    Well, you come to the right place.
    You like chili? They got good chili.
  • Harlan, you bothering these girls?
  • Hell, no, I was just being friendly.
    It’s a good thing they’re
    not all as friendly as you.
    Hey, your name’s Harlan?
  • I got an uncle named Harlan.
  • You do?
    Is he a funny uncle? If he is,
    then he and I got something in common.
    I don’t mean to be rude, but
    I gotta talk to my friend in private.
    Oh, I understand.
    Sorry. It’s hard not to notice two
    such pretty ladies as yourselves.
    You better dance with me before you
    leave or I will never forgive you.
    Sure, that’d be fun.
  • Jeez, Louise, that wasn’t very nice.
  • Can’t you tell he’s hitting on you?
    Oh, so what if he was?
    Years of waiting tables
    has made you jaded.
    Just relax, will you?
    You’re making me nervous.
    All right.
    That’s a good band.
  • I wonder if Darryl’s home.
  • I wonder if Jimmy’s got back.
    Why don’t you tell him to get lost?
    Why don’t you ditch
    that no-good husband?
    This one’s on Harlan.
    Jimmy will come in off
    of the road. You won’t be there.
    He’ll freak out and call you
    like 100,000 times.
    Sunday, you’ll call. Monday, he’ll
    kiss the ground you walk on.
    In the meantime, you said we was gonna
    have some fun, so let’s have some.
  • All right.
  • Okay.
    All right.
  • Let’s dance.
  • All right.
    That’s your name? Thelma?
  • Lovely.
  • I don’t know what I’m doing!
    Just keep following me, Thelma.
  • Ma’am, you wanna dance some?
  • Sure.
    You got some great moves, honey.
    Hey! Hey, Thelma.
    I’m heading to the little girls’ room
    and then we’re out of here.
    I’m ready when you are!
    Wait, Louise, I wanna come with you.
  • I don’t feel so good.
  • What’s wrong? Come on.
  • Shit.
  • What’s wrong?
    I’m spinning.
    Upsy-dupsy. We need to get you some
    fresh air, little lady.
    You seen my friend?
    Your friend? Yeah, yeah,
    she was out there dancing.
    How you feeling now, darling?
    Oh, thanks.
    I think I’m starting to feel
    a little better.
    You’re starting to feel pretty good
    to me too. You know?
    I think I need to keep walking.
    Wait a minute.
    Where do you think you’re going?
  • I’m going back inside.
  • Oh, no, no.
  • Harlan.
  • What?
    Hey, quit it. Stop it.
    Thelma, Thelma, listen to me.
    I’m not gonna hurt you, okay?
    I just wanna kiss you.
  • No. No.
  • Come on. Come on.
  • Goddamn, you are gorgeous.
  • Let me go.
  • You are a gorgeous woman.
  • I’m married. Come on.
  • Well, that’s okay. I’m married too.
  • I don’t feel good. I’ve been sick.
    Listen to me. I said I’m not gonna
    hurt you. All right?
  • Relax.
  • Harlan, stop it, please. I mean it.
    Wait. Don’t. I mean it!
    Louise is gonna wonder where I am.
    Fuck Louise. Fuck Lou…
    Never fucking hit me.
    Fucking bitch!
  • Please.
  • You hear?
    Harlan, please!
    Don’t hurt me, Harlan, please.
    You shut up! Shut the fuck up!
    You hear me?
  • Shut up!
  • Please. Please don’t hurt me, Harlan.
    Goddamn bitch.
  • Let her go.
  • Louise!
    Get the fuck out of here.
    You let her go, or I’m gonna splatter
    your ugly face all over this nice car.
    All right, just calm down. We were
    just having a little fun, that’s all.
    It looks like you got
    a real fucked-up idea of fun.
    Come on. Come on.
    Turn around.
    In the future…
    …when a woman’s crying like that…
    …she isn’t having any fun!
    I should’ve gone ahead
    and fucked her.
    What did you say?
    I said suck my cock.
    Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
  • Get the car.
  • Oh, Jesus Christ.
    Louise, you shot him.
  • Oh, my God.
  • Get the car.
    You watch your mouth, buddy.
    Louise! Come on!
    Watch it, you fucking asshole!
    Louise, where are we going?
    I don’t know. I don’t know.
    Just shut up so I can think.
    Shouldn’t we go to the cops?
    I think we should tell the police.
    What do you think
    we should tell them?
  • Don’t know. Tell them what happened.
  • Which part?
    All of it. That he was raping me.
    cheek to cheek with him!
    Who’s gonna believe that? We don’t
    live in that kind of a world!
    Goddamn it, pull over!
    Thelma, I’m…
    I’m gonna stop someplace for a cup
    of coffee, just for a second.
    And then I’m gonna get it together.
    I’m gonna figure out then
    what to do.
    Everything’s gonna be fine, all right?
    Everything’s gonna be all right.
    Now’s not the time to panic.
    If we panic now, we’re done for.
    Nobody saw it.
    Nobody knows it was us.
    So we’re still okay.
    We just have to figure out
    what we’re gonna do next.
    We just have to figure out
    what we’re gonna do.
    I’ll say one thing:
    This is some vacation.
    I sure am having a good time.
    This is real fun.
    If you weren’t concerned with having
    fun, we wouldn’t be here now.
  • Just what is that supposed to mean?
  • It means shut up, Thelma.
    So this is all my fault, is it?
    I have to go to the bathroom.
  • Can I get you anything else?
  • The check, please.
    Thanks, I’ll try again later.
    Back, people.
    Stay away from the line.
    Could you identify them
    if you saw them again?
    I told you 50 times I could.
    But neither one of those two is
    the type to pull something like this.
    You’re not an expert witness,
    but what makes you so sure?
    If waiting tables in a bar don’t make
    you an expert on human nature…
    …nothing will.
    I could’ve told you Harlan would end
    up buying it in a parking lot.
    I’m just surprised it didn’t
    happen sooner.
  • Who do you think did it?
  • You ask his wife?
    She’s the one I hope did it.
    Lena, do you have any ideas
    or don’t you?
    Well, if I had to guess I’d say it was
    some old gal, some old gal’s husband.
    It wasn’t neither one of those two.
    The smaller one, the one with
    the tidy hairdo…
    …she left me a huge tip.
  • Well…
  • What?
    You didn’t happen to notice
    what kind of car they were driving?
    It’s a nightclub, Hal, not a drive-in.
    I don’t follow the customers
    out to the parking lot.
    Lena, go on home.
    You kept me here all night to ask me
    the same old question over and over?
    Aren’t you gonna offer me some
    teeny-eeny, widdy-biddy, little drink?
    Behave yourself.
    Neither of those two
    was the murdering type, Hal.
    Hi, this is Jimmy.
    Thelma, you in there?
    Thelma, come on.
    We’re out of here, Thelma.
    We’re gonna need money.
    How much money you have on you?
    I’ll stop at the next town.
    We’ll get a motel room.
    I can rest and then
    figure out what to do.
    Wait, I’m looking.
    Sixty-one dollars.
    Forty-one dollars.
    We’re gonna need more money.
    What are you doing?
    Why are you unpacking?
    You said we was just gonna take a nap.
    I’m figuring out what to do.
    When you figure it out,
    just wake me up.
  • What the hell’s wrong with you?
  • What’s that supposed to mean?
  • Why are you acting like this?
  • Like what? How am I supposed to act?
    Excuse me for not knowing how to act
    when you blow somebody away.
    You can help me figure out what to do.
    I’m trying to figure out
    what to do. You…
    I did. I had a suggestion
    that we go to the police!
    You didn’t like that,
    so frankly, I’m out of ideas.
    What’s the rush, Thelma?
    We give them time, they’ll come to us.
    I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
    I’m just not ready to go to jail yet.
    Why don’t you…?
    Why don’t you go out to the pool
    and take a swim or something?
    Now I’ll figure out what to do.
    Jimmy, I’ve been
    trying to call you.
    Louise. Hey, baby.
    Where the hell are you at?
    Are you all right?
    Yeah, I’m fine. How are you?
    Long time no see.
    You sound funny.
    I am funny.
    I’m real funny.
    Are you in town?
    This sounds long distance.
    No, I’m out of town.
    I’m in…
    I’m in deep shit.
    Deep Shit, Arkansas.
    Louise, now you just tell me
    what the hell’s going on here.
    I come back,
    nobody knows where you are.
  • Is Thelma with you?
    - Listen, Jimmy.
    I have about $6700 in the bank.
    Now I know you can’t get it out…
    …but I need that money.
    Can you wire me the $6700
    and I’ll pay you back?
    What the fuck
    is going on here, Louise?
    Something real bad has happened.
    And I can’t tell you what.
    Just that I did it…
    …and I can’t undo it.
    Will you help me? Please.
    Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, baby.
    Of course I can.
    But where? Why can’t
    I bring it to you?
    …do you love me?
  • Never mind. Never mind.
    - Yeah.
    Look, just…
    Just wire it to Western Union
    in Oklahoma City, okay?
    - That’s where you’re at? Oklahoma?
  • Not yet.
    Call back and I’ll tell you
    which office to go to.
    All right. All right.
    I’ll call you back in an hour.
  • Thelma!
  • What?
  • Get in the car.
  • Okay.
    Even if they didn’t do it, they most
    likely witnessed it. Talk to them.
  • Put out an APB, see what we get back.
  • All right.
    Any reason to believe
    they’ve left the state?
    That’s certainly possible.
    Why don’t we let
    the Bureau in on this?
    Louise, I’m not getting mad, okay,
    but where are we going?
    Oklahoma City.
    Jimmy’s gonna wire me some money…
    You talked to him? Did you tell him?
    What’d he say? Is he mad?
    No. Let’s get that straight.
    Darryl’s been calling, mad as a
    hornet, making all kinds of noise.
    When you call him, you gotta
    not tell him anything about this.
    Make sure everything sounds normal.
    I called the asshole
    at 4:00 in the morning.
    He wasn’t even home. I don’t know
    what he’s got to be mad about.
    I’m the one that should be mad.
    I’m going to Mexico.
    I can make it in two and a half days,
    but I’m gonna have to haul ass.
    Are you up to this? I mean,
    I gotta know. This isn’t a game.
    I’m in deep shit.
    I gotta know what you’re gonna do.
    I don’t know.
    I don’t know.
    I don’t know what you’re asking.
    Don’t you start flaking out on me.
    Goddamn it!
    Every time we get in trouble
    you just get blank…
    …or plead insanity
    or some such shit.
    Not this time. I mean, this time…
    …things have changed.
    Everything’s changed.
    But I’m going to Mexico.
    I’m going.
  • Louise.
    - Is that the way you answer the phone?
    I was afraid I missed you.
    I got it. I was afraid I couldn’t
    get a check cashed on Saturday.
    Who did it?
    A friend of mine owns a club.
    Did you tell him what it’s for?
    No, I didn’t.
    I told him I was buying a car.
    Good, that’s real good.
    Listen, where do I go?
    It’s a place called
    the Vagabond Motel.
    It’s at 1921 North East 23rd.
    It’s under “Peaches.”
    That’s the code word.
    I miss you, Peaches.
    Thanks, Jimmy. I appreciate it.
    Ma’am, you sure you wouldn’t rather
    have a large economy size?
    No, no, that’s okay.
    What are you looking at?
    I want you to call Darryl.
    Call him?
    Tell him you’re having fun
    and you’ll be home tomorrow.
  • Will I be?
  • I don’t know. I won’t.
    Ah, the newspaper!
    This is Darryl.
    I have a collect call from Thelma.
    Will you accept?
    Well, yes, I will, operator.
    Thelma, where in the sam hill are you?
    Oh, I’m with Louise.
    We’re in the mountains.
    We’re fishing.
    Have you lost your mind?
    Is that it?
    I leave for work and you take
    leave of your senses?
    Darryl, calm down, please.
    Don’t get so mad.
    I can explain, okay? See, Louise…
    Hold on, hold on, hold on.
    Come on, kick it!
    So we’re just gonna stay there
    and fish and hang out.
    We’ll be home tomorrow night.
    No, you won’t. You’ll be back today.
    You get your butt back here, Thelma.
    Now, goddamn it!
    Darryl, you’re my husband,
    not my father.
    Oh, now that does it.
    That Louise is nothing
    but a bad influence.
    If you’re not back here by tonight…
    Well, then, I just don’t wanna say.
    Go fuck yourself.
    Oh, that’s good.
    That’s just sweet.
  • Shit!
  • Oh, sorry.
    Darling! Are you all right?
  • Did I cause that?
  • No, I’m sorry.
    No? You’re okay?
    Is there something I can do for you?
    No, that’s okay.
    Crazy women.
    Excuse me, ma’am.
    Can I ask which way
    you’re heading?
    I’m going to school
    and my ride fell through.
    I’m stuck here like stink on stink.
    I thought if you were going my way…
    …or I was going yours…
  • I think Oklahoma City.
  • Perfect.
  • I’m not sure.
    Yeah, well, I’d appreciate it much.
    Well, see, it’s really not up to me.
    It’s not my car.
    We’d have to ask my friend.
    But she’d probably say no.
    She’s a little bit uptight.
    Maybe it’s not a good idea.
    But I thank you for your time.
    But I can ask, you know.
    It wouldn’t hurt nothing.
    Well, no, it wouldn’t hurt.
    Louise? Hey, Louise.
    He’s on his way back to school.
    I thought since we’re going the same
    direction, we could give him a ride?
    It’s probably not a good idea.
  • Louise.
  • Probably not.
    But I appreciate your time.
    Y’all have a good day. Drive safe.
    Did you see how polite he is?
    He’s sweet.
  • Thelma.
  • What?
    Fill her up.
    Wish we could’ve brought him with us.
    What’d Darryl have to say?
    Oh, he said, “Okay, Thelma, I just
    wanted to make sure you was all right.
    I hope you’re having fun. You deserve
    it after all you put up with me.
    I love you, honey.”
    So how long before
    we’re in goddamn Mexico?
    I didn’t think it would hurt
    to give somebody a ride.
    Did you see his butt?
    Darryl don’t have a cute butt.
    You could park a car
    in the shadow of his ass.
    I’m just not in the mood
    for company right now.
    Take this. I need you
    to find all the secondary roads…
    …to Mexico from Oklahoma City.
    We should stay off the interstate.
    Looks like we could get on this road
    I don’t wanna go through Texas.
    Find some other way.
    You wanna go to Mexico from Oklahoma
    but you don’t wanna go through Texas?
    Thelma, you know how I feel about
    Texas. We’re not going that way.
    I know, Louise, but we’re running
    for our lives.
    Can’t you make an exception?
    Look at this map.
    The only thing between Oklahoma
    and Mexico is Texas. Look!
    I’m not gonna talk about it.
    You either find another way or
    give me the goddamn map and I will.
    You understand?
    No, I don’t. How come you never
    told me what happened to you there?
    Look, you shoot off a guy’s head
    with his pants down…
    …Texas is not the place
    you wanna get caught.
    Now trust me.
    I told you, I’m not gonna
    talk about this anymore.
    Happy birthday, lady.
    Well, you could’ve been anything
    That you wanted to
    And I can tell
    The way you do the things you do
    The way you do the things you do
    The way you do the things you do
    Is the manager in?
    Marian, there’s a police officer here.
    All right, all right, Thelma.
    All right.
    The other night there was a murder
    out at the Silver Bullet.
    A man was shot.
    We have some witnesses that saw
    a 1966 T-Bird convertible…
    …leaving the scene, sort of speeding
    out of the driveway there.
    And that vehicle is registered
    to one Louise Sawyer.
    And we have reason to believe
    that your wife…
    …was the other occupant of that car.
    Excuse me.
    You’re standing in your pizza.
    Oh, shit.
    Tell me, Miss Thelma.
    How is it you ain’t got any kids?
    God gives you something special,
    you ought to pass it on.
    Well, Darryl,
    that’s my husband…
  • Darryl?
  • Yeah.
    He says he’s not ready yet. He says
    he’s still too much of a kid himself.
  • Prides himself on being infantile.
  • He’s got a lot to be proud of.
  • They don’t get along.
  • That’s putting it mildly.
  • She thinks he’s a pig.
  • I know he’s a pig.
    Did you get married real young?
  • Well, I guess 18’s kind of young.
  • Yeah.
    We’d already been going out
    four years when we got married.
  • How long?
  • Four years.
    I never been with anybody but Darryl.
    Oh, I’m sorry.
    If you don’t mind me saying so,
    he sounds like a real asshole.
    It’s okay. He is an asshole.
    Mostly I just let it slide.
    You better slow down.
    That’s a cop up ahead.
    Maybe you got a few
    too many parking tickets?
    We’ll take you to Oklahoma City.
    Then you best be on your way.
    Prints on the trunk of the car
    match those of Thelma Dickinson.
    I’ll be damned.
    Isn’t that strange?
    And the husband says
    the gun is missing.
    She took a lot of stuff.
    Looks like she may be planning
    on being gone a while.
    Strange thing is…
    …her husband said she would
    never touch that gun.
    He got it for her because
    he’s out late a lot…
    …but he said she’d never touch it.
    Wouldn’t learn to shoot it.
    Kept it in the drawer for years.
  • What kind of gun was it?
  • .38.
    Right. Where are they?
    They were going to some guy’s cabin
    and never showed up.
    All right.
    Now I’m gonna go…
    It’s just gonna take a minute. You two
    better say your goodbyes, understand?
  • Hi.
  • Hey.
    I’m here to pick up a money order
    for Louise Sawyer.
    There’s nothing.
    How about “Peaches”?
    Could you try code word “Peaches”?
    Did I hear somebody say “Peaches”?
    Oh, my God. Jimmy.
    That’s the secret word.
    Show the lady what she’s won, Don.
    What are you doing here?
    I just came to see you, baby.
    Can I have another room, please?
    Put it on my credit card.
    Thelma, get your feet down.
    Thelma, look who’s here.
    Oh, shit! Jimmy!
    Hey, stranger.
  • What in the world are you doing here?
  • Ask no questions, I’ll tell no lies.
    Good answer.
    The same goes double for me.
  • Who’s the cowboy?
  • Oh, this here, this is J.D.
  • He’s a student.
  • He’s gone.
    We’re just giving him a ride to here
    and then Louise said he’d have to go.
  • I guess that’s what he’s doing.
  • Yeah, I reckon.
  • He’s gone.
  • Have a good trip.
  • Thank you.
  • Nice to meet you.
    Yep, that’s him going.
    I love to watch him go.
    Thelma kind of took to him.
    Well, I got you
    a room there, Thelma.
    You can go take yourself
    a nice cold shower.
    Well, you know me, Jimmy.
    I’m just a wild woman.
    This is our future.
    What are you gonna tell him?
    I’m not gonna tell him a thing.
    Least I can do is not make him
    any more of an accessory.
    You are so sweet to that guy.
    You know, you really are.
    Not wanting to drag him into this.
    I didn’t ask him to come.
    He’s no different than any guy.
    He loves the chase.
    He’s sure got his work
    cut out for him now, don’t he?
    Thelma, put a lid on it!
    I want you to just…
    You guard that money.
    And if there’s any problem,
    then you call me in room 211.
    I won’t wait up.
  • Want a drink?
  • No.
    Tell me what’s going on.
    I’m not gonna tell you
    what’s going on.
    Someday soon you’ll understand why.
    I’m not going to so don’t ask me.
  • Can I ask you one thing?
  • Maybe.
    You in love with somebody else?
    Is it about another man?
    No, it’s not anything like that.
    Well, then what is it, goddamn it?
    Are you gonna leave for-fucking-ever?
    Huh? What?
    Did you fucking kill somebody?
    You start this shit, I’m out of here.
    I’m sorry.
    I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
    Come back over and sit down.
    I wanna give you something.
    I’m fine right here.
  • I want to give you something.
  • Give it to me here.
    Why don’t you try it on?
    You didn’t see that one coming,
    did you?
    Why, Jimmy?
    Why now?
    Try not to get too excited.
    I just flew across two states
    with that ring in my fucking hand.
    And you know I hate to fly.
    You came all this way because you
    thought I was with somebody else.
    No, that’s not why I came.
    Because, you know,
    I don’t wanna lose you.
    And I get the feeling
    like you’re gonna split, permanently.
    That’s not a good reason
    to get married.
    I thought that’s what you wanted.
    I did.
    But not like this.
  • Louise?
  • No, Thelma, it’s me.
    I was out there
    and I was thinking that…
    I know I’m supposed to be gone
    and all but, you know…
    And I’m not having
    a turd’s luck getting a ride.
    I was just thinking about you.
    Oh, this is crazy. I’m gonna
    get out of your hair, all right?
    Wait, wait. Where are you going?
    Ah, I don’t know.
    You know, nowhere.
    You think I’m happy playing
    one-night gigs in Ramada Inn lounges?
    We all got dreams that don’t work out.
    We both got what we settled for.
    Maybe you don’t love me anymore.
    No, I do love you.
    But I think it’s time to just…
    …let go of the old mistakes.
    Just chalk it up…
    …to bad timing.
    I think it’s time to let go.
  • Look out.
  • No.
    Oh, oh. Come on.
  • You’re too… Your turn.
  • All right, all right. I’ll go.
  • Give me another chance.
  • Come on.
    Well, don’t leave it.
    Don’t just leave them there.
    Ow, God! What do you…?
    See, this is an unfair advantage.
    You got too much metal going here.
    I’m gonna lighten
    the load a little bit.
  • I think that’s better. Do you?
  • Yeah.
  • Take me, break me, make me a man.
  • Watch your head. Careful.
  • My head’s fine.
  • Who are you, anyway?
    I’m the great and powerful Oz.
    Who do you wanna be?
    Tell me, I know you’re no schoolboy.
    Nobody ever tells me shit.
  • I’m just some guy.
  • Yeah?
    A guy whose parole officer’s probably
    having a shit-fit about now.
    What do you mean, parole officer?
    What? Are you a criminal?
    No. No, not no more, Thelma.
    Besides busting parole,
    I haven’t done one wrong thing.
  • What’d you do?
  • I’m a robber.
  • You’re a bank robber?
  • No. I don’t rob no banks.
  • Come on.
  • What’d you rob?
    Well, let’s see.
    Let’s add it up here.
    I robbed a gas station,
    a couple convenience stores…
    …liquor stores.
    Oh, my God.
  • Come on.
  • Okay.
    First, you pick your place, right?
    Then sit back and watch it
    for a while.
    Wait for that right moment
    to make my move.
    That’s something you gotta know up
    here. That shit cannot be taught.
  • I don’t wanna talk about this.
  • Come on. I like to hear it.
    All right.
    Then I waltz right in.
    I just kinda waltz on in and I say:
    “Let’s see who wins the prize
    for keeping their cool.
    Simon says, everybody
    down on the floor.
    Now nobody loses their head,
    then nobody loses their head.
    You, sir. Yeah, you do the honors.
    Put the cash in that bag, you got
    an amazing story to tell your friends.
    If not, well, you got a tag
    on your toe. You decide.”
    Simple as that.
    Then I just slip on out.
    And get the hell out of Dodge.
    My goodness. You’re sure
    real gentlemanly about it.
    I believe, if done properly,
    armed robbery…
    …doesn’t have to be a totally
    unpleasant experience.
  • What?
  • You’re a real outlaw, aren’t you?
    I may be an outlaw, darling,
    but you’re the one stealing my heart.
    Oh, you’re smooth.
  • Isn’t he? Isn’t he?
  • You’re smooth.
  • I try.
  • How’d you get that way?
    Remember when we first met?
    Tell me what you said.
    I said you had a nice pair of eyes.
    And what’d I say? Do you remember?
    Yeah, you shut them and asked me
    if I knew what color they were.
    Then, what’d you say?
    I didn’t know.
    Jimmy, what color are my eyes?
    They’re brown.

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