Another program would be moved out from my automatically started list

I put my often used programs into $HOME/.xinitrc, to make them
automatically started by DM at booting, here is the end of this

export IME=scim
export XMODIFIERS=@im=$IME
exec scim -d &
exec stardict &
exec VirtualBox &
exec firefox &

export TERM=xfce4-terminal
exec $TERM &

finally start the window manager


exec skype &
export WINDOWMANAGER=xfce4-session

exec qterm &

call failsafe

exit 0

One of my often used programs that had been moved out of this list is
thunderbird (mutt before this), because I had been used to Gmail as my
mail reader.

For important or useful emails, I would tidy them up and archive them
in time, both stored in local and remote storage.

Another program that had been moved out is stardict. One reason is
that I have to install it in different distros I work with, and copy
those dics to $HOME/.stardict/dic. Another reason is the alternates I
had found.

One alternate is the web version of this dict, which have enough dics
can be self customized:

Another alternate is Google’s dict, with powerful functions such as
translating, look-up, and searching for words:
This is my default page for native language:|zh-CN
in short, it is:

Which is the next? scim, i think.
But I have to choose one alternate, will try and decide one.

Then what next? skype, but not until gmail chat can do voice and video.